OnePlus 3T Mobile Review


Main Features

  • 16MP primary camera (f/2.0 Aperture, 1.12 µm Pixel size) with high speed autofocus technology (PDAF), capable of capturing improved low-light selfies and videos
  • Updated Electronic (EIS) and Optical (OIS) stabilization technologies
  • Protection by a more durable sapphire glass
  • 97 centimeters (5.5-inch) Optic AMOLED Full HD capacitive touch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and 401 PPI pixel density
  • Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), upgradable to v7.1.1 (Nougat) with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro (2.35 GHz) quad core processor;
  • Adreno 530 GPU 6GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • 64GB internal memory (UFS 2.0 Flash Storage)
  • Dual nano-SIM dual-standby (4G+4G),
  • 3,400 mAh lithium-polymer battery powered by Dash Charge (5V 4A) technology
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and reversible type-C connector

OnePlus 3T is the next model launched after OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3T remains one of the best options on the market, especially for those that are price conscious. There isn’t any 3T logo anywhere on the device that explicitly indicates that this is the upgraded flagship, and the only way to really distinguish it from the older OnePlus 3 is by the color.

OnePlus 3T Mobile Review

Design and Features

The OnePlus 3T is available in the same gold variant as the OnePlus 3.The OnePlus 3T challenges modern Smartphone aesthetics like Samsung, HTC, or Apple with its minimalist all-metal build and bold second color Gunmetal color and body made up of aluminum, which makes it feel as top class model with its sleek design. The gunmetal version comes with both 64 and 128 GB options, while the gold iteration only comes with 64 GB of on-board storage. At 7.3 mm, the metal unibody is light and comfortably thin, with a deliberate balance of soft curves and sharp lines. The rear camera in stainless steel and shielded it with a layer of sapphire glass for superior protection against drops and scratches. It is comfortable to hold OnePlus 3T in hand because of its rounded edges. The button placement is good and it has an Alert Slider on the left which can be switched between Silent and DND (Do-not-Disturb) mode and full volume options. At the bottom is the headphone jack, the USB Type-C port, and the single speaker unit, and up front is the home button with the integrated fingerprint scanner, flanked by capacitive back and Recent Apps keys. The back key is on the left and the Recent Apps key is on the right by default, but you can flip the orientation if you prefer in the Settings.The fingerprint sensor that is integrated into the home button up front does unlock the device really quickly, but it is unfortunately not the most accurate scanner out there. It is fairly reliable, but there have been quite a few instances where it misreads my fingerprint. You can also add a variety of long press and double tap functions to the home button and the capacitive keys.

Similar to OnePlus 3 , OnePlus 3T has 5.5-inch AMOLED display which has the same full-HD resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The display is good with wide viewing angles.

The pixel density is high so images taken has sharp results and vibrant colors.Color temperature is on cooler  side but with screen settings and temperature slider , you can move it all the way to “Warm” end- color seems to be not that good but it is better compared to OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3T has a brighter display compared to OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3T’s fingerprint sensor authenticates you quickly and you can use it to lock apps too.The holes for the speaker at the bottom add to the phone’s premium aesthetics. There’s a Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone socket on the bottom too. The gunmetal coloured back gives a stylish look.Because of sapphire crystal glass, you do not have to worry about scratches. With the box you get 20W power adapter, a Type-C cable, a SIM ejector, and some instructions. As the dimensions of OnePlus 3T are similar to OnePLus 3, you can use the accessories of the old model also.

The OnePlus 3T uses Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 821 chip (2.35 GHz), hence you get roughly 10 percent better performance in the following areas – power consumption, processing power, user experience. A new file system that accelerates transfer and boot speeds. The most demanding apps launch quicker and perform more smoothly than ever before. There’s 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a whopping 128GB of internal storage. With 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the OnePlus 3T allows you to do more, faster. Effortlessly shift between shooting 4K videos and playing graphic-intensive games without any delay or lag. Thanks to UFS 2.0 technology, move data up to three times faster than the more commonly seen eMMC5.1. technology

Other OnePlus 3T specifications include Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB OTG, NFC, and GPS.You don’t have FM radio in this model which disappoints music lovers.

The OnePlus 3T runs OxygenOS (3.5.3), which is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. OxygenOS delivers a better-than-stock-Android experience that’s light and customizable. The result is a fast and clean operating system. Freely customize quick access icons in the status bar to improve navigation. Resize app icons for a cleaner and more consistent look. Add password or fingerprint verification to individual apps to tighten up the security of your device.

Swiping right from the home screen lets you access ‘Shelf’ and a customizable screen which lets you heap widgets for quick access. Swiping up or down anywhere on the homescreen lets you access the “Google search”  and “notification shade” respectively.

The ‘Gestures’ menu lets you play around with various shortcuts.

Thanks to dual nano SIM card support, you can connect to two networks at the same time. There’s no need to switch out SIM cards or carry two phones – use one device, for ever

OnePlus 3T Mobile ReviewOnePlus 3T Mobile Review


The system performance is good as there is 4GB of RAM. Because of the storage of 128GB, there is no worry of running out of space. Even games like Asphalt 8 which requires lots of memory runs smoothly. Even with more usage of the phone, it does not get overheated.

Cameras & Videos

Watching videos in OnePlus3T is really enjoyable and handles 4K video playback and also supports full HD resolution. The speaker is fairly loud in a quiet room, but not much audible if you are out on the playground.

OnePlus 3T has 16-megapixel sensor with a f/2.0 aperture and fixed focus which is another great change from OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 3T’s advanced front-facing camera helps you livestream in HD and authentically capture every moment. The images taken are very sharp in both good and low lighting areas and a fair bit of detail is also preserved. While taking images in low light areas, the front camera intelligently combines pixels to gather more light and reduce noise. There is bit visible noise in the image but no colour noise.There is a smile capture option which automatically detects a smile in the frame. The 16-megapixel rear camera of OnePlus 3T supports PDAF has an f/2.0 aperture and can capture RAW images. There’s also Optical Image Stabilization. 4K photos and videos taken by your rear camera are also more stable, thanks to Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which compensates for jolts and shakes. Landscapes and macros are highly detailed with good color reproduction. With lightning-fast shutter speed and a snappy autofocus, our 16 MP rear camera uses exclusive technologies to help you capture the perfect shot with ease. The Auto HDR mode works well and you even have a HQ mode, which combines a few shots of the same frame to reduce noise. High-Dynamic Range (HDR) automatically balances your photos, even in difficult lighting conditions. Through the robust manual mode, you can control every aspect of your image. Fine-tune exposure, ISO, focus, etc. The OnePlus 3T also supports RAW image files out of the box for expert post-shot editing. The OnePlus 3T gives the benefits of a DSLR, with the portability of a Smartphone. With Dual stabilization technologies, the blurred image problem is removed. New EIS 2.0 technology cancels out unwanted movements in your videos

Shooting modes includes the following

  • slow-motion video,
  • time-lapse
  • manual
  • Panorama

There’s a 1080p 60fps video mode too which is good for capturing sports and action scenes.

Battery Charge

The OnePlus 3T has a 3400mAh battery.In normal use, you can get up to 1.5 days. But if you are using high quality HD videos or games the normal battery life can come up to 15 hrs.Dash Charging works faster by charging completely within 1 hour. The new 3400 mAh battery features a 13% increase in capacity over the OnePlus 3.The charging speeds remain consistent even while gaming, live-streaming or demanding activities. While high-intensity activities like gaming slow down most quick charge technologies, Dash Charge continues to operate at full force. Dash Charge carries more current than other fast charging solutions and at lower temperatures. Normally heat generated through charging is dissipated in the phone itself causing performance issues during active charging and throttling CPU and GPU speeds. But By shifting the power management system and heat dispersion elements to our Dash Power Adapter, very little heat ever reaches your OnePlus 3T and does not get overheated. Optimizations to both our hardware and software increase power efficiency while maintaining the same weight and size

OnePlus 3T Mobile ReviewOnePlus 3T Mobile Review


Though compared to OnePlus 3T there is just a minor changes to its predecessor OnePlus 3, the main plus point for buying OnePlus 3T are battery capacity, higher resolution front camera, faster CPU.The images are sharp in even low light areas and there is a sufficient storage for the faster performance .Except for the lack of Radio FM and touch latency issue which can be annoying while typing, OnePlus 3T is the best in android Smartphone series with a reasonable budget



  • Thin and light metal design
  • Beautiful 1080p panel
  • DASH charging works as advertised
  • Great all day battery life
  • Performance is smooth and responsive
  • Solid system and app performance
  • Great all around rear camera
  • Improved front facing camera
  • Premium build quality
  • Good value
  • OxygenOS is more refined
  • Fast fingerprint sensor
  • Dual SIM
  • Performance is smooth and responsive




  • No FM radio
  • No expandable storage
  • Single bottom firing speaker
  • Touch latency issue can be annoying